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"We want your help to protect

America's Children."

—  Richard F. Berrelez,  ALIE Foundation, Inc.   

ALIE Foundation, Inc.
Since 1993
5800 Tower Rd #104
Denver, Colorado 80249

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate families concerning the

danger of child abduction and provide bloodhound dogs to

Police K-9 Units to locate missing abducted children.

ALIE Foundation, Inc.
ALIE was incorporated as a 501 (c) )3) non-profit organization in Denver, Colorado on June 10, 1993. It was founded in memory of Aleszandra Ariel "Alie" Berrelez a month after her abduction and murdered.  The acronym stands for Abducted, Lost, Innocent, Enough. 

The Foundation is registered as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation with the IRS.  We operate on donations from the general public which are 100% tax-deductible.  We accept monetary gifts, checks, grants, vehicles, farm machinery, boats, land, farms, ranches, houses, real estate, wills, and in-kind donations of value.  Your donation is greatly needed and appreciated.    

Our main priority, which is also our mission, is to communicate our message of concern to children, parents, families, law enforcement, and the general public. Child abduction awareness and prevention can keep a child safe and even save their life.  As a rule people do not think about the dangers of child abduction on a daily basis.  It is of great importance to talk to children often and even make it a way of life when it involves the life or death of their child. Child abduction has been around for ever and will be with us as long as families have children. 

Our concern and conviction is our mission, it is sincere, and it is centered on children. There is one good reason why this Foundation came into existence.  Some foundations come into existence because a group of people decided to do something about a problem or issue. Others come unexpected out of tragedy because somebody decided to take a life out of an evil desire.  In this case the life of Alie Berrelez was taken, people were hurt and got caught up in a whirlwind and said, "No!"  

We will not stand for this, this will stop, Now.  We were not there for Alie when she needed us the most.  I have no doubt that she called out for us by name and we were not there for her and we did not hear her.  We, her family, owe her the rest of our life by speaking out for her against this crime, and knowing better we owe it to children everywhere. Ask yourself, Do I owe my children my protection?  

We have made our self available to the general public to speak out against sexual assault on children.  Most of the time sexual assault leads to death and if it does not, it ruins the life of an innocent child for life.  Every opportunity that we get to speak to the public, children, parents, families, and law enforcement we will be there.  If you wonder if we would stand before your group, don't, we want to reach out to you.  We have been before groups at schools, churches, concerned clubs, scout clubs, the work place, seminars, business meetings, fairs concerning safety, health, and drug prevention issues, and the list goes on.

What are you going to do and who do you do it for?  We have been asked this question many times.  First of all we do it for Alie, because like I mentioned, we owe her our time and life.  But we also owe it to you and to your children because we have learned the hard way and we know better.  We do it for God, He will not allow us to loss another child to child abduction.  No, nothing is easy, and this mission is not easy.  To remind yourself on a daily basis of where you have failed as a human being, as a person, as a protector of your own children is not a pleasant feeling.  Let's all do it for our kids but not just in our little community but also in our country.  

Our vision is simple so we don't forget it.  We can't give up on Alie, to do so is to say, "We don't care."  We have had enough time to read between the lines and know exactly what Alie Berrelez, our granddaughter, must have felt and gone through.  We do not want more of our children to go through a tragedy like this and we don't want it for your children. Our vision is to work at creating a safe world for our children and yours.

Our goals are to stay steady, stable, and on the trail ahead of us, just like Yogi.  As a family and a Foundation we want to stay steady.  Our mission is a good mission, we don't want to get side track.  We will not if we make it a way of life and we have done this.  We talk about it, we think about, and we live it every day.  

We stay stable, if we find our self going off course, we find our way back.  We are drawn back to our mission every time and this is what we desire for our supporters and the concern people we work with.  

Stay on the trail, Yogi gave us a good lecture about that.  When police bloodhound Yogi was following Alie's scent to where she was found he did not get off the trail for 14 miles.  In Yogi's record he had completed longer trails than 14 miles.  In Alie's case he stay on the trail, he never got distracted.  

There were people along the way, camera's, domestic animals, wild animals, traffic, hot climate and pavement, loud noises, and he stay focus on the scent following the trail.  We will not get off the trail, we have a mission, we will not get distracted.  

There will be times that we might slow down, there won't be much going on, there won't be the attention from by standers, multitudes of supporters will fade, we will be wondering, how can we continue for different reasons.  But we will stay on the trail for Alie, for you, and your children.

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