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ALIE Foundation, Inc.

"Welcome to the ALIE Foundation, Inc. Website.  We want to thank you for your visit with us.  We are here to serve you, your family, your community,  and your local police department.  Our interest is the security and well being of children everywhere.  No, we cannot provide this service by ourselves.  Your help is greatly needed." 

—  Richard F. Berrelez,  ALIE Foundation, Inc.   

"According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children roughly 2,000 children are reported missing every day."

"It was just a gut feeling on my part," said Dave Miller, chief of Englewood's police division, who remembered finding a homicide victim in the same

canyon in 1969. "The area provides a dumping ground to a lot of stolen vehicles, too."   

The Denver Post, May 23, 1993, Article by Patrick O'Driscoll, Ann Schrader, and Stacey Baca.

"Alie suffered from asthma and needed medication four times a day.  She had been at Swedish Hospital in Denver for treatment two weeks before she was abducted.  She was so fond of a stuff rabbit that would glow in the dark, which she had at the hospital ."  

Marivel Berrelez, Alie's mom.   

"A spunky five-year-old, she had dimples when she laughed and soft doe like eyes that sparkled below a ragged fringe of coffee-colored hair. She loved to fly kites, to dance to Little Richard songs, and to watch The Little Mermaid on television. Alie giggled her way into the hearts of her neighbors and had just shared a pizza with one of them when she disappeared."   

Gayle C. Shirley, Amazing Animals of Colorado, Incredible True Stories, The Globe Pequot Press, Copyright 2005

"From an open window above came the sound of more weeping as the family of Alie Berrelez grieved."

The Denver Post, May 23, 1993, 

Article by Patrick O'Driscoll, Ann Schrader, and Stacey Baca.

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