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"Welcome to ALIE Foundation, Inc. Website.  Thank you for visiting our site.  We want to serve you, your family, the community, and your local police department.  Our interest is to keep children safe from child abduction.  We need your help to protect every child." 

—  Richard F. Berrelez,  ALIE Foundation, Inc.  


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Richard F. Berrelez, Founder 
Leticia S. Berrelez, Founder
June 10, 1993



We will recruit young bloodhound pups from the east coast to join ALIE Foundation, Inc. K-9 Unit. These pup will be donated from the east coast supporters and will train to become full grown professional police canine search bloodhounds.

Your monetary donation will cover the general operation expense of this most important mission. Donate any amount on our Secure PayPal links at donation can also be mailed to ALIE Foundation, Inc. 5800 Tower Rd #104, Denver, Colorado 80249.

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We are using all the tools at our finger tips.  We are focused and doing the best that we can.  Let's work together to make a big difference in our country  Thank you for supporting us and working with us.  We carry you in our heart.  Richard F. Berrelez at


ALIE Foundation, Inc. needs healthy purebred bloodhounds for law enforcement. We need bloodhounds that are AKC Registered. ALIE is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization registered with the IRS. We place bloodhounds with Police K-9 Units in America.

Our objective is to make sure that bloodhounds are available when a parent calls their local police department because their child has been abducted by a stranger and the child is in great danger of losing their life.

Email us or call us if you have the kind of bloodhounds that we need and you want to help. Contact us today. As soon as a child is reported missing anywhere in America we want to FIND 'EM! ALIE.ORG ����


There is only one God.  He has given us special gifts, powers, and a great love for His creation of the human race.  Use your talent wisely. 
 ALIE Foundation, Inc.  Richard F. Berrelez. ����

God Bless My Wife.
Mrs. Leticia Sada Berrelez is a native from the State of Texas.

Child Advocacy Center In Webb County Texas.
Thanks to Webb County Texas for Inviting Us to Their Event.

ALIE FOUNDATION, INC. Appreciates Your Support.
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Donate Any Vehicle
You can submit all the information we need online or we can take your information over the phone for you and submit it online for you.  Your donation is tax-deductible.  If your automobile brings in more than $500 dollars you can deduct every cent on your taxes.  If it brings in less you can deduct up to $500 without any problems.

We will take all kinds of vehicles, just ask us.when you contact us.  You must sign your vehicle's title to release it to us.  Towing is free, keep in mind that the vehicle has to be in tact and not parted out.  We can take the vehicle whether it is running or not.  You can remove the license plates if you wish to keep them. 

Help us protect children and assist law enforcement with police canine bloodhounds to find missing children.  Call 720-207-7824 to donate a vehicle today!   

Thank you Combined Federal Campaign.

We appreciate every Federal Employee for the fine work you do to make America a Great Country.  We are so blessed for every donation made by federal employees to support ALIE Foundation, Inc. every year.  Your contributions have made it possible for our organization to reach out to thousands of families, their children, and law enforcement to protect America's children every where.  Continue to give your support because you care.  Thank you from ALIE Foundation, Inc. 2019.   

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Colorado Gives & Community First Foundation

Our thanks to every person that has supported ALIE Foundation, Inc.  each year since we joined Colorado Gives and Community First Foundation.  Your support has been exceptional and we appreciate every single person that supports us every year.  We look forward to your generosity and your concern for our mission.  Your love and your sincere thoughts for Colorado is unique.  Thank you Coloradans for caring and giving.  Thank you from ALIE Foundation, Inc. 2019.      

"According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children roughly 2,000 children are reported missing every day."

"It was just a gut feeling on my part," said Dave Miller, chief of Englewood's police division, who remembered finding a homicide victim in the same canyon in 1969. "The area provides a dumping ground to a lot of stolen vehicles, too."    

The Denver Post, May 23, 1993, Article by Patrick O'Driscoll, Ann Schrader, and Stacey Baca.

"Alie suffered from asthma and needed medication four times a day.  She had been at Swedish Hospital in Denver for treatment two weeks before she was abducted.  She was so fond of a stuff rabbit that would glow in the dark, which she had at the hospital ."     

Marivel Berrelez, Alie's mom.   

"A spunky five-year-old, she had dimples when she laughed and soft doe like eyes that sparkled below a ragged fringe of coffee-colored hair. She loved to fly kites, to dance to Little Richard songs, and to watch The Little Mermaid on television. Alie giggled her way into the hearts of her neighbors and had just shared a pizza with one of them when she disappeared."   

Gayle C. Shirley, Amazing Animals of Colorado, Incredible True Stories, The Globe Pequot Press, Copyright 2005

"From an open window above came the sound of more weeping as the family of Alie Berrelez grieved."

The Denver Post, May 23, 1993, 

Article by Patrick O'Driscoll, Ann Schrader, and Stacey Baca.

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